Djs_cafe_logo_cmyk_vectorCafe Menu

Parents and children are equally well catered for with a superb range of coffees, snacks and a changing Café menu. Food is prepared fresh to order so please allow up to 30 minutes at busy meal times.





Childrens Meals £3.95

Choose between:

  • Chicken Nuggets
  • Fish Fingers
  • Pizza
  • Hot dog
  • Sausage or Vegetable Nuggets

All served with chips and either Peas or Sweetcorn.

Childrens PicNMix £3.95 Choose 4 items + squash and create your own picnic.

Childrens Sandwich £2.00 Brown or White bread with a range of simple fillings.

Light Bites

Great as a snack or a light meal for all ages:

  • Bowl of chips £2.50
  • Houmous, pitta and cucumber £2.95
  • Beans on Toast £2.95
  • Toast and Butter £1.60
  • Carrot OR Cucumber sticks £0.80

Jacket Potatoes

Served with a small side salad for a healthy and filling option:

Jacket Potato with butter £3.75
+ Cheddar £0.80
+ Baked Beans £0.80
+ Coleslaw £0.80
+ Tuna Mayo £1.60


Choose from brown or white bread:

Cheddar £3.50
Ham £3.50
Tuna & Mayo £3.95
Ham & Cheddar £3.95
Bacon £4.25
Sausage £4.25


Our most popular option served with a small side garnish:

Mozzarella, Tomato & Pesto £4.95
Brie & Bacon £5.25
Ham & Cheddar £4.95
Tuna Melt £4.95
Cheese and Red Onion £4.70

Try our range of flavoured syrups for your coffee. Choose between Hazelnut, Vanilla, Caramel.

The Cafe will stop taking orders at 4:30pm every afternoon.


Enjoy the Lavazza coffee, relax!! Fresh food, cakes and Slushee.

Open 7 days a week from 10am-6pm, DJ’s Jungle Adventure is ideal for Kid’s parties or just a great place to burn off your child’s excess energy in a safe clean and fun environment.